Residential Cleaning

Because we know cleaning supplies can be toxic and expensive, we have created our own blend of non-toxic, pleasantly fragrant, cleaning solutions. Here is a list of our eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Residential Cleaning Packages

A Few References:

Nikki Patterson, Residential Client of 7 years – I am a homeschooling mom of four small children. Keeping up with the day to day housework is a constant battle! Bethany comes in and does a complete house makeover in just a few short hours. She is extremely thorough, detailed and cleans extremely quick so I can afford a house makeover! I have never had such a hardworking and dedicated person clean my house. You won’t be disappointed!

Mary Dodds, Residential (& Commercial) Client of 5 years – Bethany is a detail oriented, efficient cleaner. She’ll leave you’re home or office looking spick and span. She makes things so clean you’d think your space was brand new.